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iOS Development Tutorial: Visual Blur with UIVisualEffectView

iOS Development Tutorial

In this tutorial we will talk about how to use UIVisualEffectView in Swift.
UIVisualEffectView can be a really good assets in building a beautiful app.

There are lot of app in the wild which used the blurring effect. Previously providing these effect was cumbersome. With UIVisualEffectView we can implement the same thing much more efficiently.



More example


Create a Single View Application



Drag a image view on to the view and set the constraint by clicking on the pin icon
and setting constraints on all side to 0



Drag the blur image view onto the image view and set the constraints by setting the bottom, left and right constraints to 0 and set the height to 200px



Drag a UIlabel and add constraints to set the align it in the horizontal and vertical center



You could change the blur type to look perfect for your app.


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  • Maminjo

    Hi, does this work on a device?