Hi I am Shrikar Archak . Currently working in Social Media Analytics for Viralheat(Cision). I work on building infrastructure for Viralheat and NLP related stuff. During my free time I play with iOS app development. Want to talk ? Shoot a mail to shrikar84 @ google’s freemail service.

  • Sanjay Mali

    Impressive..Hey shrikar i have been working on swift. Its really difficulty to find examples as swift is new. How to implement like Social integration Google +,Facebook ,send user info to server and
    How to implement Facebook open graph stuffs.

    • https://shrikar.com shrikar

      Sure I will see if I can get something on that topic.

      • Sanjay Mali

        As i am working on important app..Can you please tel me when i can refer your code

  • Leslie Sibanda

    hey Shrikar first of all just want to say thank you for the create an app series you stated, was going to quite trying to get into the app businsess but thanks to you i’m now back at this giving it another go and i’ve even been accepted for University to study Software Engineering and i created an app for my portfolio based on some of your code.
    Don’t know if this is asking to much but is there any chance of you doing videos with some of your tutorials as i’ve realised that reading the screen can sometimes be intimidating specially for new comers plus with videos your youtube tutorials can become popular

  • Brian T.

    You are doing a great job ! Really admire what you have done here.

  • Vineeth Vijayan

    Thanks for the awesome tutorials you are providing. Great Work my frnd. :)

  • Diego G.

    I’m having difficulty importing Parse into an Xcode 7 project. I import all the Parse (Swift) frameworks into my project, add all the appropriate iOS frameworks and import Parse, Bolts frameworks into my App Delegate. The error I get is “No such module ‘Parse.” you have any ideia ?

  • Nizzam

    Are u still doing iOS app development tutorial ?

  • Narayan Palande

    hi sir ,i saw your this code and also i covert this code in objective c but i have to ask another requirement .
    at the label where getting address ,so i want there longitude latitude value .so how will be get this value?? what changes do in code…plz reply

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